Ninety Pound Wuss - Hierarchy of Snakes (live) (2000)

01 Short Hand Operation (2:26)
02 Misplaced Society (1:02)
03 The Dawning of This Night Divine (2:53)
04 Torment In Tension (4:08)
05 Queen Maggot (4:09)
06 Nostalgia (3:19)
07 Hope (2:18)
08 Double Dare (Bauhaus cvr)(3:44)
09 ? (2:32)
10 Junk (0:47)
11 In Silence (Who Can You Trust) (3:42)
12 Dead End (0:59)
13 Rokken With Dokken (hidden track: 6:42)

cd lp (1,000 pressed)
Tooth & Nail Records TND1198
13 tracks
TT: 38:40
12 panel foldout color insert 24x36 cm

Ninety Pound Wuss has been, was & will be remembered as:
Jeff Suffering, John Spalding, Marty Martinez, John Himmelberger, Dale Yob, Matt Nelson, Jiles  O'Neal, Matthew Edwin Johnson, Brian Trimble, Matt Bailey & Bill Power

Artwork: Jonie Farrell
Layout: Andy Myers
Design: Andy Myers & Jeff Suffering
Photography: Jason Coffman, Carrie Whiteny, Zoe, James Cho
* T10 listed as "Junk" but is intro to "Junk".  T10 listed as "In Silence (Who Can You Trust)" but is the song "Junk".


01 Short Hand Operation (2:26)

short hand operation.
my body lays exposed on the operating table.
one blind eye pulled from the stems.
the other frantically recalls memories
like news broadcasts from an a.m. radio station.
realizing just what i've become.
i turn to cherish the moment of forgiveness.
my second skin being removed so slowly.
the moments like hours.
the minutes like days.
grinding through see-saw stardust.
pixel vision naturally shapeless.
i endure this captivity.
my regret so colorless and futile.
my hands lay severed beside me.
dull, pale, scratching at the floor.
these thoughts once pondered my own self destruction.
i remember devouring all that was left of your wounded heart.
i was never the person you thought i was.
i was never the person i thought i was.
i'm without, i'm nothing now.
the truth has been seen through incision.
mind intercourse, thought correction.
it always comes back to sin and catastrophe.
desire welling up inside.
passions arise.
rekindled memories.
affections so bliss.
forgotten pristine candy.
red shake and shiver.
objection dead.
skin crawling.
chaotic conversion.
whitewash my face to gleam again.

02 Misplaced Society (1:02)

another casuality, misplaced, misfit,
degenerate youth not reconed with.
i'm not a statistic,
i refuse to be part of your plan in a world decaying.
you make me ashamed to be human,
is what i can't help born into this world.
like me and you, you'll see when we're through.
what makes you so much better?
at least i know why i'm here.
at least i know what to do.
at least i know where i'll be.
at least i'm still trying.
at least i know why i'm here.
at least i know what to do.
at least i know where i'll be.
at least i'm still trying.
my flesh is still decieved, but that won't hold on to me
or make me be greedy, or conditional in thought,
prayer, or praise, i follow the Son.
and make no room for the other, who lies,
and cheats, and steals from me with his obscure insanity's.
woe to the man who hits me in the eye,
i might just turn and let you have another swing.
yeah, i'll turn the other cheek and let you think you win.
at least i know why i'm here.
at least i know what to do.
at least i know where i'll be.
at least i'm still trying.
at least i know why i'm here.
at least i know what to do.
at least i know where i'll be.
at least i'm still trying.

03 The Dawning of This Night Divine (2:53)

Victory draws closer
As death comes in around me
The cracks in your face reveal
Everything I thought was true
The lies of me and you
The song quickens pace
The race of time taking effect
This love's a hole infecting virus
With lack of commitment
And true confession
It's my fault as much as it's yours
And there's blood covering me
Only so I can see through it
Just enough to forgive you
Death is all around, I feel it in the air
I hear the song and take the pain
Let's skip the part about you and me fighting
By the ocean
Wondering what to do
Let's just pretend
I never meant to hurt you
Wish I never felt this way
Tell me how love's supposed to be
And why you've been here
The fire's out tonight, the coal is gone
Your decision affecting the fall
The leaves are dead and so are we
Winter in my heart, darkness in my mind
Winter in my heart all the time
This is when you say life hurts
Make the pain go away
You open the door, step out on the grass
Become a silhouette in the moonlight
You light a spark in my heart and my mind
Walk to the edge of the cliff
Staring at the stars and the ocean

04 Torment In Tension (4:08)

sound mockery regaining speed, transfixed on absolution.
attempting to overthrow through blind manipulation.
a picture perfect memory so real.
surveillance of this friendly haunting
must've been so weak not to count on murder.
emersion has been totally eradicated.
body awakening, we've gained control.
"i'm so messed up , " she said, "to many noises in my head."
laughter reverberating through this frazzled mind.
you can see the torment in my eyes.
die in my eyes, die.
three days of relative tranquility.
edge of the summer heat.
the jest of this city.
turning sullen, descending.
such a day, ignore my darkening
but don't forget how near we've become.
don't you ever forget just how near to silence we've become.
this weighs to heavy against me.
i thought we could, but there's nothing left to say.
there's nothing left to say.
there's always tension.
torment in tension.
i felt so comfortable in a room alone.
black washed walls.
no words, just silence.
this disappearance has left me fractured.
a fragile wreck in a storm consuming all that i am
and there's nothing to say.
there's nothing to say.
there's nothing to say.
there's always tension.
torment in tension.
i'm impaired by your leopard skin sin.

05 Queen Maggot (4:09)

There is no question of my faith
This beginning ending life
There is a black and white divide
First line of gray inside
Destroying all my self belief
Ending quickly
I want to kiss the sky you breathe
I need the taste just one more time
And I stand alone
The sickness burying my feet
I see through your lies
And you'll perish
I wish this would go away
We shouldn't end up like this together
Frustration, no end
I wish we could just begin forever
But there seems no resolve
Destroying all what once begotten
It's not your fault or my fault
It's just the course which our lives have taken
Now something's rotting inside
How can we repair what's still decaying
Screaming for resolution
Instructions from the next place
I lay my body down
Parasites feeding off flesh
Rotting, preparing my own death
Waiting to awake from this trance
I will not be left behind
Will you be with me forever?
Festuring moments in time
Suggestions made to stand triumphant
Eternity reflects my mind
Body rejects, impulse I'm waking
Just one hope in my eyes
Resolve these matters from the outside
I'm waiting for consumation
I'm waiting for your confrontation
We found the truth in dying time

06 Nostalgia (3:19)

am i waiting for nothing at all?
hawhee, hawhee, hawhee, oh baby.
and what are you saving yourself for?
hawhee, hawhee.
oh my little one,
don't be ashamed with my heart wide open.
you can pour yourself in me.
now there's nothing wrong
with that that i can see.
my heart feels life. nostalgia.
i wish we could go on and on and on and on and on.
listening to the echoes remaining.
i hear your voice inside my head.
now i know that we've just begun.
again i reach out my hands to you.
staring through the shadows on you face.
i wonder are we heading
to that place between nowhere
and not much else? nostalgia.

07 Hope (2:18)

gurgling, gasping for air.
i need the breath of life.
the breath of life.
the breath of life.
i am weak from the fight
and i can still hear them celebrating victory.
wiping the blood from my face.
the pain creeps in taking over my thoughts.
my spirit lays broken, shattered, shrouded by you.
your icy pale skin in the cemetery plot i dug for you.
i push you in and i like it.
hating the darkness which becomes my flesh.
inside this shell you try to hide.
your still churning.
mind and spirit burning.
torture love never fails.
exception in your case.
failure comes quite naturally or so it seems.
fading in and out from black to white, to black to white again.
watching the blood running down my cheek.
and my spirit lays broken.
and i feel so shattered and so tired.
i dug a hold six feet deep for you and you want it.

08 Double Dare (3:44)

I dare you, to be real
To touch a flickering flame
The pangs of dark delight
Don't cower in night fright

Don't back away just yet
From destinations set
I dare you to be proud
To dare to shout aloud
For convictions that you feel
Like sound from bells to peal
I dare you to speak of your despise
For bureaucracy, hypocracy- all liars

I dare
I dare
I dare- you- you

(Bauhaus cover)

10 Junk (0:47)

The need to realize
Shot, shot, shot, blank
Staring down the barrel of my arm
Shot, shot, shot, dead
It's over drawn black
Shot, shot, shot, red
No restrictions
Sucking eyes inward, immobile
Bionic continuity
Till death do us part

(inside of traycard)