The Kings Kids - Urgency! (2008)

01 He Is Who Found Me (3:26)
02 Knockin' (2:18)
03 Lay It Down (1:45)
04 The Lord's Tune (2:30)
05 Rescued One (3:19)
06 The Redeemed (2:07)
07 Fallen Short (2:56)
08 Wreckless Hideaways (2:05)
09 Sons of Revolution (2:39)
10 In The Dark (3:53)
11 The Upright Stand (1:50)
12 One Way Ticket (2:08)
13 Urgency! (1:57)
14 The Sunset (4:45)

14 tracks
TT: 37:31
4 page color insert

The Kings Kids players:
Jason Martinez - lead vocals
Josh Galvan - guitar/vocals
Andrew Eclavea - bass
Ted Smith - drums

Recorded and produced by Sam Martinez @ Sam's Lab 2006
CD design by The

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"Rescued One" music video @ YMCA in Greenfield CA, USA June 19, 2010. Filmed and edited by Marcos Alonzo.

"Urgency!" live @ Spirit West Coast @ Laugna Seca, Summer 2010.


01 He Is Who Found Me (3:26)

He is who found me...
through the broken wreckage
and the homeless sleeping down tonight!
He is who found me...
through the broken bottles and the tattoos
that have scared my life!
He is who found me...
through the lonely nights
and all the fights that held me tight!
He is who found me...
in a world that showed me hatred,
I found love tonight!

In this land of little time...
I'm glad to know you're mine...
as I ponder what to do...
You help me find what's true...
I'm waiting for your sign...
as i stand in the county line...
as you help me seek the truth...
my heart still bleeds for you!

He is who found me...
when my heart was broken
and the pain kept me from losing sight!
He is who found me...
when my wife gave me a second chance
to make it right!
He is who found me...
on a wreck-less road I was headed down,
He changed my life!
He is who found me...
In the years that made me humble,
He still held me tight!

02 Knockin' (2:18)

The time is right..
to be sure..
don't debate yeah!
Today's the day.. to get up..
stand up straight yeah!
The hours near.. have no fear..
meet your fate yeah!
Every knee shall bow.. call His Name..
celebrate yeah!

When the eagles soar...
And the trumpet roar...
Don't be surprised..
Who's knockin' at your door!

It's not to late.. to repent..
for your sins yeah!
Tugging at your hear.. don't refuse..
let him in yeah!
don't be ashamed.. He forgives...
where you been yeah!
Bottom of the ninth.. so get ready..
for the win yeah!

03 Lay It Down (1:45)

In the city's show tonight!
we walk by faith and not by sight!
we give it all we got alright...
we're gonna take this step,
and lead the fight!
The Kings Kids on the rise..
of this sacred nation,
lay it down to the sound..
do yo hear salvation?

Go ! Go! I wanna show!
we got someone that'll save you soul!
Go! Go! i wanna know!
do you got time to rock n' roll!

We come with open arms of light,
in a world of darkness we will fight!
not gonna give up alright...
we're gonna walk by faith
and rock tonight!
The Kings Kids on the rise...
with no frustration,
lay it down to the sound..
do you hear salvation?

04 The Lord's Tune (2:30)

We got a new voice,
it's time to rejoice...
With a brand new sound!
Praise His name, and have no shame...
Dance around!
Shout the story, with the glory...
Of the Lord's tune!
So spread the word, and let it be heard...
He's coming soon!

Rejoice in the Lord and be glad...
O You righteous..
give Him praise from the heart...
upright is beautiful...
make melody to the Lord...
with the music...
sing a shout of joy...
and dance around!

05 Rescued One (3:19)

Though the open door... of my heart
verses and memories torn apart...
fragile pictures storming my mind
you fill the void that's undefined...
mended wounds and battle scars...
you set the stage for my desire..
through the bloodshot eyes
and the pain... I'm sheltered by
Holiness in You reign

na na na...
You set the stage for my desire
now I'm the rescued one!

Through the trenches.. of my soul
God's Holy Spirit and Rock n' Roll
Timeless regrets... lessons learned
guilty as charged..
this court is adjourned!
I've been thrown out! been a victim!
been a product ruled by the system
This time it's all for You...
These stories and memories all are true

06 The Redeemed (2:07)

midnight.... in the city!
Kings Kids... getting ready!
it has begun.... for the one...
we came to rock.. for God's Son
testify... glorify...know why...
He came to die!

open eyes... biggest price...
only Son.. sacrifice!
broken lives.... fell redeemed...
be revived... by the King!

burning hearts.... for the needin'...
changin' lives.... plantin' seed in....
no phony tale... of funny face....
we came to rock for God's Grace!
testify... glorify... know why...
He came to die!

07 Fallen Short (2:56)

You give your life.. I give my soul
Am back in the game... I got a new goal yeah!
tryin' to make up... for time I lost
worked for myself... I got a new boss yeah!
Downtown streets... broken hopes
Like letters unopen in envelopes yeah!
that was my life.. before I met Ya
You took my hand and I'll never forget Ya!

Time to put up my guns
Live for You now
Down on my knees
Am your son

You took my sins.. I take your gifts
I play my guitar now
with brand new riffs yeah!
To please you Lord.. instead of me
was bound for the fire
but now I'm free yeah!
flashing lights... darken road
Like a ticking time bomb...
about to explode yeah!
that was my life... before I met Ya
You took my hand and I'll never forget Ya!

08 Wreckless Hideaways (2:05)

from the broken and wretched families...
to the ones with no more hope to breath...
and even now you cuss and swear at me...
I tell you now there's a friend in need!
in church.. from sunday service here
no regrets... just hell for you to fear
I know it's not what you wanna hear...
but I won't disappear!

from the alleys and wreck-less hideaways...
to the ones that dread another day..
there is a God that loves you anyway...
give your life to Him and pray!
I come to You to forgive me for my sins..
to be reborn... where my new life begins
everyday more trials come my way...
but I know you're here to stay!

09 Sons of Revolution (2:39)

we don't come from perfect homes...
we are the sons that we're once alone!
lose it all but gain the truth...
Victory! we bring to you!
skate to this... take it to the streets...
we're the kids taking all the heat!
but we got 'Christ' ... who paid the price...
through Him we will survive!

Sons of Revolution....
coming in His Name...
Sons of Revolution....
Christ will lift your pain...

we're the punks for eternity...
we are the ones seeking unity!
full armor on the ephesian six!
sword of the Spirit giving my my kicks!
breaking the mold that the world has known...
stepping up on the microphone!
the revolution of Christ is here...
face the enemy and have no fear!

10 In The Dark (3:53)

He walked the streets
with his arms around his head...
He never know what the Bible said...
They tried to him for the failures of his life..
They took him in for the night..

They threw him in a cell cold as the pits of hell...
He never prayed before then...
And as he spoke through the darkness saw light...
His name was Jesus Christ!

He sat and waited as the jury gave his sentence...
Now came the time for his repentance...
He said oh Lord these are the crimes that I have done...
I've lived my whole life on the run...

I spent my whole life looking for someone...
I slept in garbage cans and parks...
And as I lay here in this prison cell...
God seemed to find me in the dark

11 The Upright Stand (1:50)

a righteous man is remembered,
he is never shaken,
the weight of all the world
is not in his hands,
he wastes no time he keeps giving,
scattering his triumph,
his faith is never lost,
delight in His commands

so long and scared is the journey,
for the righteous man,
his humble life he's learning,
still steadfast for the burning hearts,
he's given them deliverance,
a shelter for the poor,
he gives all he can give!
how thankful are His children,
mighty in the land,
the righteous light is dawning,
for the upright stand,
the stand! the stand!

Lord! hear me now!
show me how!
I can give! now!
we are strong!
to move on!
this life to live!

(Psalm 112)

12 One Way Ticket (2:08)

A desolated life alone...
nights in the spotlight shining on...
life on a one way ticket to 21..
will life ever change I'm just having fun!
broken bottles and busted glass...
drunken nights kept me in the past,
I'm gonna ride this train until it stops...
pass the train tracks now...
and meet you at the docks..

Well I see.... I won't ever change by morning...
when the stakes ride high...
I see a new day is calling,
can't you see...
I'm searching for more than I've done before,
is it really true...
that God could be knocking at my door

I lost it all but you shined through...
everyday I was seeking truth,
you helped me take my step with my new faith...
as i looked to the sky I knew I was saved...
I still struggled but You were there...
through hard times...
I knew you cared...
when my friends couldn't see...
what I went through...
for the first time in life..
I felt something true

Well I see.... a brand new day is dawning...
when the steaks ride high...
I get back up when I've fallen,
can't you see...
I've searched for more than I done before,
I've found the truth...
and it's always what I've been looking for

13 Urgency! (1:57)

We cry out in URGENCY!
rebellious disarray!
fallen dreams for fallen hopes!
All thoughts of yesterday!
He was dead to me at once!
I did not know His Name!
He was there when I calapsed!
and saved me from the pain!

Guns on the blacktop!
Teenage Genocide!
Morals forgotten!
wounded but still alive!
He is there to give you life!
Eternal and divine!
Take my hand follow the light!
salvation you will find!


14 The Sunset (4:45)

Now .. I know .. I love .. you so!
You .. make .. need .. you more
the things .. you say .. when You speak
You .. make me .. feel .. complete

When I look at the sunset...
I see Your face....
When I look at the sunset...
I know You're there

When .. I'm down .. you lift .. me up
Nev-er empty .. you feel .. my cup
Al-ways there .. I need .. You Lord
You're .. the One .. that I .. adore

The Kings Kids